? Why you should let us help you find the perfect vacation in Kelowna BC

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Why Vacationers are more likely to request your vacation home through our services.


We will ask the right questions to match  the guest with the right property.

We are long term residents of Kelowna and can give guests an unbiased opinion of what properties might appeal to them.

Sunset Waterfront Resort Kelowna BC

At Perfect Fit Vacations, we understand how hard it is to make important decisions regarding choosing a vacation condo, and with all the frightening stories of people being scammed, we want to make our the guests experience, worry and carefree.  We will let them know whether we have visited the property or not.  

We listen carefully to their needs, we ask questions, and we prescreen them to enable us to suggest a rental that meets their lifestyle and budget.

We make sure they meet your requirements.

What we will ask potential guests:


  • Have you been to Kelowna before?
  • If yes, where did you stay the last time?  Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?
  • If no, we ask what their interests are while vacationing in Kelowna. Who will be travelling with them, do they plan to dine out or cook in? The more we can learn the more we can ensure them a perfect fit with your property.
  • Do they have a special need? 
  • Do they want to be near the beach, near shopping, golfing, or in a rural country setting.
  • Do they have pets?


We try to visit every property we list.  This gives us the tools to direct the right vacationers to that specific property.  Vacationers are more likely to ask us questions about your property, that they would never feel comfortable directly asking an owner, they are more likely to be honest about the value and prospective  of the property and communicate this back to us. 

We can use this information to help owners improve their properties and find them the best potential guests for their type of property.

At Perfect Fit we encourage travelers to look at their desired experiences from their vacation rather than the accommodations themselves.  This ensures the vacationer a happy vacation.  We all know there is more to planning a vacation than just picking a condo from any website.  Our website was designed to be more of a tool than a simple property listing website.


Please read our testimonials to see why Vacationers love our services and are coming to us first.




Let us help you find your perfect vacation!

Discovery Bay, Sunset Waterfront, Playa Del Sol, or private homes, the choice is yours!

Perfect Fit Vacations - Client Testimonials



"Thank you Stephanie, your service was amazing and the quality of guests you brought to us was even better. We couldn't have done it without you" Darren and Suzanne, Discovery Bay Resort Kelowna BC

"Stephanie was very professional and helpful every step of the way. Great service and quality guests." Thank you, Keith, Discovery Bay Resort, Kelowna BC

"I had my vacation rental listed with a lot of other services, but Stephanie generated the most amount of bookings and with it came quick and professional service, I am now getting maximum revenue from my condos" Dave, Barona Beach and Sunset Waterfront Resort

"I'd definately recommend Stephanie at Perfect Fit, always a step ahead, and proven results" Rom, Discovery Bay Resort Kelowna BC

"I'd like to thank these owners for taking the time to recommend me, thank you so much and I look forward to working with you this coming season. "

Stephanie Kabatoff, owner/operater


Perfect Fit Vacation Rentals connects renters directly with owners. Are you a property owner with Vacation Rentals in the Kelowna area? Call us to learn more about our referral services for Kelowna area vacation homes. We are looking for more Bed and Breakfasts, Resorts, Vacation Homes and more. We can also help with template vacation websites, video tours, typing and marketing services.

. Wow!  Stephanie was so helpful and honest, we ended up choosing a walk out suite at Discovery Bay by the pool, and it was amazing. Definately recommend using these services.   Rita Thompson, Cranbrook
Hi Stephanie, just wanted to let you know our stay at Barona Beach was absolutely perfect. Thank you for all the time you spent with us, we really appreciated it, and definately made the right choice.  We may book this unit again next year. Sharon, Calgary
Please send us your feedback, we want to here how it went!

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